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Treepoints Tech Integrations
Francesca Johnson
Feb 2, 2023


This blog post will run you through the Treepoints tech integrations that have been designed to help businesses integrate positive planet action into their brand/product. We will cover who they are for, what they do, why you should consider integrating them, when you can do it and how. 


Treepoints tech integrations are targeted at customers who want to be able to easily access planet positive actions. 

You might have a physical product, such as clothing or cosmetics, and want to give customers the option to plant a tree with their purchase, for example. You also could be an events company or booking platform who would like to give customers the option to offset the average travel emissions to and from their event. 

You can be as creative as you like with our tech integrations!


Treepoints tech integrations can be done via an API or our Shopify App. Both are free of charge to use and can be easily integrated. They enable you to plant trees or offset carbon at whatever quantities you desire. This can be paid for by you or can be paid for by the customer. 


Why not? Giving customers the opportunity to have a small piece of planet positive action when they purchase with you can only be a good thing. 

A small action goes a long way. Many of our partners have planted 1000s and 100,000s of trees with our planting portfolios. This just shows the power of collective action and how consumer purchase choices can make a difference. 


You can integrate them right now! 


Find our API docs here.

Find our public Shopify App here. 

Don’t have the tech?

It is very important to say that if you don’t feel comfortable/have the capabilities to integrate an API or Shopify App then we can easily plant trees/offset carbon/recycle plastic for you manually. This process will just involve us communicating on a monthly/quarterly basis to confirm numbers and then we can issue you a certificate and update your public showcase. 

If you have any questions please just drop us an email or book in a quick call. 

We ask that partners signing up to our integrations read through our media guidelines to ensure that they are communicating the partnership in the right way regarding the impact they are having. 

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