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We help you understand your impact on the planet and do something about it.

It’s time to become positive about climate change.

There is something you can do!

We get it, climate change action seems complicated. So we have broken down action you can take with your business into 3 options.

If you’re just at the start of your planet positive journey, we would recommend understanding, measuring and reducing your emissions before anything else!

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Measure & Analyse

Business Carbon Footprint

Measure, reduce and track your Business Carbon Footprint year on year

Starting from £275
API & Shopify


Our various API integration options plant trees/offset carbon with every purchase

Current rates:
£0.25/tree, £10/tonne carbon
Monthly Offsets


Offset carbon, plant trees and recycle plastic with one off purchases or on subscription

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We are having a positive impact globally!

Start your planet positive journey

Treepoints Business Carbon Footprint. Dive deeper into the impact of your business!

Measure your impact

We work with SMEs to estimate their Business Carbon Footprint following methodology aligned with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 Standard.

Reduce your impact

An essential part of climate action is reducing your emissions. We will recommend reduction initiatives for your business and quantify their impact.

Report your impact

We will design up a report for you to document your Business Carbon Footprint and reduction initiatives and subsequent progress towards reductions.

We also offer offsetting services which will set you up for applying for the UN Climate Neutral Now pledge.

Integrate planet positivity into every purchase with our API or Shopify App.

Treepoints integrations allow you, or the customer, to plant trees/offset carbon for every sale that you make.

We want to make climate action as easy as literally just ticking a box!

Effortless API Integration

Set up in minutes with an easy to follow video, simple instructions and a team on hand to help if you need it.

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By Treepoints

Easy tree planting and carbon offsetting at checkout. Treepoints helps you understand your carbon footprint and take action. Plant trees, offset carbon, recycle plastic and showcase your impact.

Tree planting or carbon offsetting? Subsidizing orders or giving customers the choice to opt in? Choose what works for you!

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Impact Tracking

You can track the impact from your integration on your own personalised showcase page
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Show Off!

Integrate our widgets into your page to show your customers the collective impact that they are having with you!

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Why look at your footprint?

Understand your Business's impact and be proactive not reactive
Figure out effective reduction strategies
Your customers and team do care!
Apply for the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative

Join the Planet Positive revolution and lead the way to a sustainable future.

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Bring on the Positive Vibes

There is something that your business can do about climate change. You can make your business more sustainable. Get started now and inspire others to join you!