Don’t know what you want?

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Don’t know what you want?
Luke Garbutt
Feb 2, 2023


This post is for those of you who don’t see exactly what you’re after with our Business Carbon Footprint and/or tech integrations. We will run you through a few examples of different projects we have run in the past and the scope for how flexible we can be.

Don’t have the tech?

It is very important to say that if you don’t feel comfortable/have the capabilities to integrate an API or Shopify App then we can easily plant trees/offset carbon/recycle plastic for you manually. This process will just involve us communicating on a monthly/quarterly basis to confirm numbers then we can issue you a certificate and update your public showcase. 

We work with many businesses in this way to ensure that there is no barrier to them accessing these planet positive initiatives.

Tree planting for events

An event is a great way to get some trees planted. We have had partnerships with events who wish to plant a tree for every attendee, to plant the size of a forest for the size of the event venue or to link tree planting with a competition on the day. 

Carbon offsetting for events

You could also look to offset the travel for your event attendees, offset the electricity needed to run the venue or look into the emissions from your attendees staying at hotels to attend your event (or all of the above)!


All publicity is good publicity! We love working with partners to come up with campaign ideas, giveaways and action for specific dates in the year. For example, for national tree planting week we shared a competition with a partner and committed to matching their planting efforts for however many people entered the competition. 

We also love making noise, you might have caught us roaming the streets on earth day last year asking the public how they felt about the climate crisis and how they believed they could take action. 

One off carbon offset purchases

Looking to buy projects that are PAS2060 compliant or wanting to offset the emissions from specific business activities, such as the electricity usage of your office? You can buy any amount of carbon offsets from our portfolio, there is no minimum or maximum buy. 


Our old business model ran off providing subscription services and this is still something we offer! If you would like to offset a certain amount of carbon/plant trees/recycle plastic per month then we can set this up for you. 

Creativity is key!

Basically you get the idea, we will try our best to find a solution that works for you and happy to help you figure this out. 

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