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Kankan is part of Treepoints' planet positive mission

At Treepoints, we’re always on the lookout for ways to support causes that strive to make the planet a better place.

Aside from planting trees, we collaborate on a global level to support causes helping to combat climate change, including: bio-energy, reforestation projects, plastic waste removal in oceans, helping livelihoods and businesses in developing nations and more!

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Trees Planted - Donate X Webflow Template
Trees planted
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Frequently Asked Questions

Treepoints is a Social Enterprise. This means that 50% of profits are reinvested back into Research and Development climate change projects. The reason that we decided not to be a charity is that we believe that we need the extra resources to build our services to help more businesses have a planet positive impact.

We have 3 options for you:

- API Integration. Plant trees, offset carbon and recycle plastic bottles as part of your business workflow.
- Treepoints Shopify app. Simple integration for Shopify stores to plant trees for every order.
- Monthly Subscriptions. Consistently make a positive impact with our flexible business packages.

As a treepoints partner, you can choose any one, two or even all three solutions!

Fully decarbonising every aspect of a business and supply chain is a time, money, and energy intensive process. This isn’t always available to businesses in the short term, especially small and medium sized businesses. Carbon offsetting offers a way of reducing global emissions in the short term, as part of a wider net zero strategy. 

We recommend that all of our partners first of all measure their business carbon footprint, then reduce it and finally offset it. We have an open dialogue with all our partners and are happy to offer advice on reduction strategies and to demystify the sustainability jargon surrounding climate action. 

Offsetting is not an answer on its own but we believe that it is a valid step on a company's sustainability journey.

This is a great question and one that we really do get asked frequently!

We base our project selection on the following criteria:

Additionality: means that the project's greenhouse gas emissions removal would not have occurred without the income from carbon credits. The cost of a carbon credit should represent the additional finance required to enable a project that reduces emissions (compared to counterfactual) to be financially viable.

Vintage : The year that the emissions removal was achieved. Reducing the time between the purchase of the credit and the point of emission reduction or removal is suggested to improve the guarantee of the project’s additionality.

Permanence : The carbon removal from the atmosphere is likely to be permanent. If the greenhouse gases are re-released into the atmosphere, then the reduction cannot be said to be additional.

Contribution to Sustainable Development: The projects we support bring co benefits for communities and ecosystems around the world, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.